My name's Amelia Hruby.* 

I (normally)** live in Chicago & at any given time I'm probably:

- working on my dissertation on aesthetics and feminism
- teaching classes about big ideas and critical thinking to college students
- mentoring underrepresented students applying to graduate school
- DJing a radio show (Tuesdays 6-9am) called Girl Power Hour on CHIRP Radio
- loving on ladybosses for Forth Chicago 
- editing a zine of brilliant feminist authors & artists
- sharing stories and feelings on my blog here
- learning to cook delicious food
- hanging out with Wilco ( cat, not the band)

If you're interested in working, teaching, or writing together...

*That's pronounced 'hroobee' or 'huh-ruby' or just 'ruby' if you're my grandmother.

** I'm currently traveling, interviewing, and making art for Fifty Feminist States. Please follow me there!