PHL100 Introduction to Philosophy

        Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016

This course provides a general introduction to basic philosophical concepts, methods, and problems in the Western world. Together, we will consider philosophy as a historical discipline as well as a mode of critical thinking, aiming to familiarize ourselves not only with the content of a few canonical philosophers’ works but also with their methods and modes of doing philosophy, reminding ourselves that philosophy is always both a subject and a practice.

An important focus of this course is to learn to put the history of philosophy in conversation with contemporary events and writers in order to engage ourselves in critical dialogue with our environments. Therefore, each section includes one or more essays by living writers that address the canonical thinkers directly or consider the same concepts and themes. We will be particularly interested in feminist and critical race philosophical interjections, and you will be asked to reflect on how contemporary thinkers interrupt, engage and further philosophical thought.
— Hruby, PHL100 syllabus

authors include:

LSP200 Philosophical Approaches to Multiculturalism

        Spring 2016

In this seminar, we turn our attention to a specific moment or mode of multicultural expression: hip hop music and culture. This course begins from the premise that hip hop music testifies to oppression in critical, productive ways. We will read philosophical texts concerning these oppressions and then consider the ways that hip hop music expresses the overlapping, multifaceted effects of racial, gender, classist, ableist, and sexual oppressions, particularly within the African American community, and often specifically in Chicago.

During this course, you will learn to consider music as a cultural artifact and analyze it as such. You will also learn a number of philosophical frameworks for analyzing systemic inequality and be asked to apply them to a number of cultural artifacts (most often songs) from hip hop culture.
— Hruby, LSP200 syllabus

Course Presentations Include:

McNair Scholars Program Seminars

        Graduate assistant, Fall 2015 to present
        responsible for curriculum and seminar design

The McNair Scholars Program is designed to build knowledge and skills, improve educational planning and decision-making, and expand participants’ horizons and community to enable them to be competitive candidates for graduate study with the goal of completing doctoral degrees.

The program involves participants in a specialized curriculum and set of activities including seminars, coursework, faculty-supervised research, tutoring and field experiences to develop their knowledge and skills and foster the commitment needed to pursue doctoral studies and a career of university-level teaching and research. Students also participate in faculty mentoring, build academic networks with professors at DePaul and other institutions, and receive the resources and support to study and conduct research abroad.
— DePaul McNair Scholars Program

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